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18-Piece "Empire Builders" Hollow Kids Wooden Block Set

Type: Blocks Toys
SKU: WB0375

Kids can build some mighty strong and sturdy empires with these large hollow blocks. Weighing from 1 - 3 lbs., children can maneuver them easily, arranging and stacking in various ways to build forts, castles, playhouses, and all kinds of other magical kingdoms. Each piece is constructed of sturdy hardwood (9- to 11-ply) and solid birch, securely glued, and features a smooth natural finish with rounded edges for safety. They're great to use by themselves, or in combination with our Block Sets or new Bentwood Block Set. Empire Builders: Big-Time Hollow Blocks for Big-Time Blocksters. An empire is only as strong and sturdy as its foundations.

18" wide x 18" high x 18" deep. 41 lbs total.