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Kids Block Play Toys-18pc Block Set - Reader

Type: Blocks Toys
SKU: SM-3018
Little Reader Blocks are 3" cubes constructed of sturdy corrugated cardboard. The little reader kids blocks are imprinted with over 100 preK-2 sight words that combine learning with play. Words are color-coded by type (adjective, noun, verb, etc.) to make sentence forming fun and easy for children.

Each set includes 18 blocks including: 3 yellow adjective blocks , 3 green noun blocks , 5 blue verb blocks , 5 red pronoun blocks , 2 white preposition blocks

Kids can roll blocks like dice to form sentences, look for familiar letters or words, stack blocks to make sentences, and much more . Guided play activities are included

Kids Block Play Toys-18pc Block Set - Reader are 100% made in the USA!