Junior Amazer Wall Toy-Made in USA

Mini Mazer Wall Toy-Made in USA

SKU: 20-AMZ-MN1-01
Need one even smaller than Junior Spinmazer Wall Game? Say no more. Ideal for children exam rooms. All that great Amazer action, in a smaller size. Plexiglass cover so no loose parts.

20-AMZ-MN1 Maple Center
20-AMZ-MIN Green Center

16"w x 2"d / 6 lbs .

Shipping Time: 2 Weeks

Made in the U.S.A by Playscapes in Waunakee, Wisconsin. All hardware and assembly/mounting instructions are included with the products.

Clean Method: Playscapes products have been designed and manufactured for use in healthcare facilities, where issues of infection control are most stringent. All items are made with commercial-grade materials and should be included in the same cleaning protocols as furniture and other high-contact surfaces. Frequent cleaning with most commercial disinfectant solutions will not damage or diminish any of our product finishes; but the use of ammonia on acrylic may cause cloudiness.

Warranty: Playscapes products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for two years from the date of shipment.