Healthy Toddler Activity Island Play Cube

Sensory Island Multi Learning Play Cube by HABA

Type: Play Cubes
SKU: 120828
Sensory Island Multi Learning Play Cube by HABA is packed with delightful activities to explore. The top features a drive through the forested countryside, view-able through colored prisms. Theres a meadow landscape with flowers and an airplane soaring through clouds. Next is the drivers spot with 4-on-the-floor, spring spheres, and a magnetic discovery tube. Theres a fabric station with buckles, zippers, snaps, and more. Sensor y activities fill the final panel: spinning disc tower, magnifier, glitter rod, and tactile surfaces.

Size: 24"h x 24"w x 24"d.

This is a special order item made by HAPA in Germany, lead time is 12-14 weeks and no cancellations or modifications can be made after ordering.