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The Orchard Wall Activity Wall Game by HABA

Sensory Learning Activity Wall Panels by HABA - 3 Piece Set

SKU: 20LWS100
These toddler-sized "Sensory Learning Wall Activity Panels Wall Toys by HABA - 3 Piece Set" are packed with sensory experiences and promote the development of fine motor skills. Ideal for keeping children busy in entry ways and waiting areas.

  • Left Quarter Circle panel, 120215. Includes spinning mirror, sliding games with 2 cars and gas station, 3 bees, ball game, small cymbals and safety mirror.
  • The center panel 120216. Includes magnet labyrinth, turning spiral, sliding games with 4 wooden animals and 8 wooden elements, Ping Pong clutching toy, prisms in 4 colors and clicking discs.
  • Right Quarter Circle panel, 120218. Wooden rattle, games with shapes that slide, with four piece caterpillar, plane, corner and safety mirror.
  • No loose parts, so nothing gets lost and there's nothing to clean up.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Ten year warranty. Made in Germany.

    Left Quarter Circle panel: W 25 x H 27 .
    The center panel: W 25 " x H 27 ".
    Right Quarter Circle panel: W 25 x H 25