Learning Toys-School House Wall Panel

SKU: SCH9032
Our School House Wall Panel is a decorative activity panel perfect for daycares, preschools, waiting rooms, homes and any child friendly environment! With colorful graphics reminiscent of a little red schoolhouse it will certainly engage children to play for hours.

  • Kids will learn counting and color recognition with the counting abacus bead learning game, which includes 10 beads on each row.
  • In the middle, is one of our most educational pieces, Learn the Alphabet. Each wooden block letter of the alphabet is embossed individually, not only giving this toy a rich look but making for a tactile learning experience.
  • On the opposite side of each block, is a picture and word that matches the letter (ex. A = apple).

    For Children Ages 2+

    36" x 31" x 3.5"