Learning & Sensory Activity Curve A Wall Panel

SKU: H120216
This Learning & Sensory Activity Curve A Wall Panel by HABA Includes magnet labyrinth, turning spiral, sliding games with 4 wooden animals and 8 wooden elements, Ping Pong clutching toy, prisms in 4 colors and clicking discs. Great for developing children hand coordination. The Sensory Learning Wall by HABA is a wall for learning promote perception and precision motor skills, and offer optical, acoustic and sensory elements. Ideal for keeping children busy in entry ways and waiting areas. The Sensory Learning Wall Panels can be combined together to create a play corner that is varied and interesting for long periods of time. Ideal for a large variety of kids ages.

  • Perfectly combines with both the left and right panel to create a 3 piece set of Sensory Learning Wall.
  • No loose parts, so nothing gets lost and there's nothing to clean up.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Ten year warranty. Made in Germany.

    Dimension: W 25 " x H 27 ".