Rainmaker Sensory Wall Activity Panel by HABA

SKU: H120373
When the blue disc is turned you can hear a water trickling noise. The "Rainmaker Sensory Wall Activity Panel by HABA" is a fun sensory wall activity Wall Toy for young children. Great for schools, daycare centers, and any kids play and waiting areas.

  • Use Guide Rails and combine with multiple kids activity "Sensory Wall Panels by HABA" to create a custom Sensory Wall where the Activity Panels easily interchange by sliding in and out, allowing the Sensory Wall to remain fresh over time.
  • In addition to mounting with Guide Rails , Activity Panels can also be mounted directly to wall with 2 screws (mounting hardware not included).
  • Made of birch wood.
  • Ten year warranty. Made in Germany.

    Dimension: Rainmaker Sensory Wall Activity Panel Wall Toy by HABA. L 16" x H 17".