The Orchard Wall Activity Wall Game by HABA

SKU: H108033
The Orchard Wall Activity Wall Toy by HABA is a fun game for children, it playfully encourages the recognition and assignment of colors, as well as fine motor skills. Great for schools, pediatric offices, health clinics, and children's play places or waiting areas.

Who can collect the fruit faster, the raven or the players? That depends on where the wheel stops. If the arrow points at a fruit, then it is pushed from the tree into the appropriate fruit basket, if it points to a fruit basket then any of the fruits can be selected. If the arrow points to the raven, then move one step upward. If the children manage to harvest all the fruit before the raven reaches the fifth step and blocks the path to the fruit baskets, then the children win together.

  • Can be played alone or with friends.
  • Wood, with plastic parts.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Ten year warranty. Made in Germany.

    Dimension: The Orchard Wall Activity Wall Panel Toy by HABA: 35 x W 22 .